Sunday, September 24, 2006

Norah on the brain.

These last couple of months I have been thinking of our little girl a lot. We went to the airport last night to welcome home another family from China with there beautiful daughter, 17 month old Savannah, who couldn’t have been matched with a better forever family. Savannah now has two loving parents and a terrific big sister. The family now has two beautiful daughters from China and told everyone that they would like to adopt again.
At the airport I got to play and color with some of the kids adopted from China that were there from my local chapter of FCC-CA (Families with children from China). We had a big time thinking up things to draw on a blank piece of paper. It was fun and kept the kids busy while we waited for the plane to arrive. Did I mention that we were coloring with markers, everyone including me had marker on thier hands, but we all managed to keep it off our clothes. A local TV station even showed up and did a short interview of the family when they arrived. Who knows maybe someone watching TV last night will now look into China adoption.
As I tried to sleep last night I thought of the events of the day, and my thoughts drifted into thoughts of Norah. I think of her often, she is always on my mind. When we are at the store and I hear a small child laugh in the way that only a small child can, you know instantly when you hear it. It is an unmistakable sound. It brings on a rush of thoughts of Norah everytime. There are constant reminders to keep her close to me and you can forget about me walking past the baby/little girl’s clothes at Wal-Mart all the little outfits get me dreaming of the day when I can shop for clothes with her, not just for her. Lori is still working on Norah’s room in the Beatrix Potter theme. It is coming along well, she is an amazing artist. Soon all the painting will be done and it will be time to start to get some pieces of furniture. We have still been picking things up for her when we see a good deal and know that she will fit into it some day down the road. We have also been working on the house and yard. We are also kept occupied by running our son all over the place to keep up with his VERY full social calendar.
So Dear daughter Norah although you may be put down this night and many nights to come feeling all alone in your crib. Wherever you are in China this night, know that your mom, brother, and I go to bed every night thinking of you, hoping and praying that you are safe. You are so loved by us. Although we are separated by thousands of miles you are always in my heart, and in my thoughts. Although you don’t know it you never go to bed without your family’s love.


Anonymous said...

Glen, You bring tears to my eyes! I know the wait is long, but she's out there, waiting for her daddy.. Keep the faith!

Laurie Wells

Lisa and Shane said...

Beautiful post Glen.