Monday, January 01, 2007

New regulations for addopting from China adoption

As most of you know China will soon have new regulations for adoption set by the CCAA. They will go into effect on May 1, 2007. The new restrictions will not affect us because we are already logged into the China center for adoption affairs. Everyone logged in after that date must meet the new regulations. China announced the new changes now so that the people already paper chasing that don't meet the new regulations will have time to get logged in before they take effect. Also, I have heard information that they will do special needs kids diffrently. From what I have heard agencies will no longer have the Waiting Children lists, the CCAA will put all of the waiting childrens pictures and profiles up on their site. Probably password protected so you will need to be approved by an agency to veiw them. I can't comfirm this yet because it is not in writing. But if it is true then people will be able to see all the waiting kids and not just the ones on thier agency lists. They won't have to go with one particular agency just because the child they are drawn to is on that agencies list. The only thing I think that is both a blessing for the children and will be hard for the families to deal with is that there will be multiple families sending in hier letters of intent for the same kids and the CCAA will have to go through them and decide which family will be given the opportunity to adopt the child. So families will again be waiting with no way of knowing if they have a child. But with the new system I think that more waiting children will be placed at a faster rate. It is rumored that this may go into effect as soon as Feb. of this year.
Below are some links that I came accross that deal with the wait I thought I would share.

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