Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Miss You Annie!

Ok, I got an E-mail from a friend the other day asking if I was ok because I hadn’t posted anything in awhile. I am fine, I just haven’t posted anything in awhile because it was so close to the time Annie was to go home for the summer that I didn’t feel like writing it down in words that it was time for her to go. It was hard enough watching each day slip by. I tried to keep myself busy to make it easier. I put in a driveway for my truck so Lori and I don’t have to park behind one another. I replaced all the wood on the outside eves of the house and painted the house. We put in a big garden because we like that and food is so expensive. All things that needed to be done but were also done in part to occupy my mind. I knew it was going to be hard on me when she left for the summer, because I have grown so attached to her. I have looked after, loved, and parented this child like she was ours for the passed year. I was doing fine with her going home for the summer because she would get to see her parents who must miss her something terrible. Also I took comfort in the fact she was coming back for her first year of college, we got her into college here last year. Now we don’t know if she is going to get to come back or not. Annie has relatives in another state that are trying to get her into college there. While I can understand why they want her to go to collage where they live. Who wouldn't want such a wonderful child in their lives. Annie wants to come back here for her first year then she can go to another university near them for the remaing 11 years to become a doctor. Only time will tell if she gets to come here for university or not. We should know in about 2 months. I told her before she left that if she didn’t get to come back for college here that we wanted her to come when school let out for a long break. Even in her absence when me and Lori think of Annie and the funny things she would say or do she makes us laugh. On a happy note we are getting to know our great nephew Robbie (pictured above with Annie, who "just loves babies") and his mother Amanda. They will be visiting us for probably about a month before they move on to an apartment close to Robbies Dad who is in training in the military.

We Miss You Annie, Hopefully we will see you soon.


Cheryl D. said...

Hey strangers! i cannot imagine how sad you must be for Annie to have to go home....i hope she will come back to go to college. What a precious girl! Hope your garden does really well.....cheryl davidson

Michele said...

We hosted an exchange student from Ecuador, Janina. She was only with us for 3 weeks,(April - May of this year) and I cried crocodile tears when she returned home. I cannot imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to Annie for all of you. I have to say, it was one of the best experiences our family has had. I kept you in mind while Janina was here - trying to follow your example of showing her what true American family life is... Thanks for sharing your times with Annie.

Glen said...

We just got word that Annie is comeing back here, If she can get her Visa Yeah!
We are so happy we miss her soo much.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you came back to life.

I think you've been ready to be a daddy to your little girl, and having Annie in your home was a reminder of that for you. Besides that, she seems like a sweetie. Who could not grow attached to her? LOL I think I even grew a bit attached to her.

The way you feel about her is going to be 10 times that when you get your baby girl. I can't wait to follow your travels to Norah.

Have you done any searching yet for SN? Or are you going to wait it out?