Sunday, June 08, 2008

So where are we now?

We are in the best place we can be for now. We see progress with the SN adoptions through our agency and now there is a calm that has come over me like never before. After years of such uncertainty I now feel like we will get a referral sometime close to the end of this year, the beginning of next. Lori would have to talk me off the ledge every time referrals would come out for NSN and they would only get through 3 or 4 days in a month. We have been dreaming of Norah since December of 2005! Once we finally got excepted into the SN program, there has never been second thoughts about our choice. We continue to study up on the different SN and there requirements/treatments and watch for updates from our agency. We got finger printed back in January, and we just sent in our updated home study a couple of weeks ago so we will see if waiting to send in our home study update pays off or not, I think it will. This way hopefully it will be good until we get our referral and travel to meet our sweet girl, or wild child depending on her personality.

We continue to be Gingers sponsors and send her care packages and are awaiting another letter she wrote us. We are so blessed to get photos and letters from her, she is a wonderful child and we like doing things to make her happy.

Speaking of wonderful children, Annie is to come back to go to university here at least for the first semester. We were so excited to get the news that she will be coming back. I hope nothing changes from now until the start of school. As long as she can get her visa to return to the U.S. we will see her soon. We would like to highly recommend being a host family to an exchange student and may do it again after the adoption at some point due to the positive experience that we have had.

Brandon got into a charter school that is done mostly online. He is looking forward to that and we hope that the independent study will be something that really clicks with his personality. He also is looking for a summer job at this time.

My niece and her son Robbie have been visiting us for a little while. She has bought a car and will be heading out soon to go be with her husband. He is in training for the army now and will be so glad to see them when they get there. We have had to be very careful with what is left on the floor as Robbie has become super mobile since he arrived and is trying to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. We have purchased a few things to make it easier on them. A portable crib, a highchair that attaches to one of the kitchen chairs, and a swing that we hung in the tree out back. All of the items have gotten much use and the portable crib and highchair will go with them to their new place. The swing will stay here for Norah.

We had another storm blow through and tear some shingles off of the house. It was bad enough that we are going to have to have the roof replaced. I am hoping to get that done by the end of this month. We also lost some corn but will still have a bumper crop. All our vegetables are doing good and producing lots of food.

We have expanded our garden to include; three lemon trees, two lime trees, three orange trees, a banana tree, and an avocado all of these are in pots that can be transported into the garage during the winter to ensure their survival. Also three peach trees, a fig (that one was already there, Lori planted it 3 years ago and it has really started to produce), and a nectarine tree. There will be no scurvy around here!

So that is where we are today.


Unknown said...

Glad for the update! We just turned in our SN checklist and I am sooo at peace. I am finally excited again!

Anonymous said...

I would love to learn more about the exchange student program that sponsored Annie's time with you. Were you happy with how it was managed? Would your recommend them? We have been considering an exchange student some day in the future, so I am beginning to collect info now.
amfamblog at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I thought of you guys when I recently heard things are moving along well in the SN program at your agency. I hope you'll find out who Norah is very soon.
Marcy from MSN Adopting from China

Ronda said...

Thanks for the update-I hav'nt commented in a while, but still have been checking in on your progress-we are a SN-CCAI family also. So glad Annie is coming back. I will keep the fingers crossed for your referral to Norah.