Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh, sweet Girl your package is on the way.

We sent another package off to Ginger in the mail the other day. When Lori and I are out during the week we see small things we think she might need or like and pick them up for her. This last package I went a little overboard on the candy because we found a hard case with all sorts of Easter candy in it. I did tell Ginger she will have to brush her teeth really good after eating some of it and we sent her a tooth brush for good measure. We also sent some more socks and another warm blanket, coloring books and pencils.
A letter and photos from her should be on the way. We got a photo of the letter by email that’s on the way the other day, if that doesn’t melt your heart you either need to see the Wizard or you’re already dead.

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Unknown said...

what a wonderful post..I need to catch up on your blog..