Saturday, June 21, 2008

On the Road

(Yes, I know this is sideways. I got tired of trying to correct it so just tilt your head.)

Well after getting up at 5am getting everything left over together and packed and Robbie fed some breakfast they were able to leave our house at around 5:45. Of course it was raining and storming the morning they left. As you can probably tell from the pictures Robbie was a bit confused as to why his day had start so early. Amanda and Robbie made it after a 13 hour drive to meet up with Robbies dad/Amandas husband at around midnight. It was very fitting that they were able to arrive by Fathers Day. Amanda said that the trip went well and Robbie was a trooper. It was quite an extended drive for a brand new driver who just got her license a few days before they left. We are thankful that they made it safely and can now start setting up their household as a family.

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