Saturday, July 05, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Vegas had enough on July 4th. There had been storms all day (he REALLY doesn't like storms), then to top it all off there were fireworks all night which sound suprisingly like thunder. Since Brandon had his bedroom door closed last night Vegas found a pair of Brandons pj bottoms under the sink in Brandon's bathroom and settled down for the duration.
The lilly pads in the pond are starting to bloom. The blooms on them open up early in the day and then close when the sun gets to be to much for them. They almost look fake.

The garden is really starting to produce. We were able to harvest this whole sink full of veggies recently. I apparently need to plant three times as many green beans next year because we eat them as fast as we can harvest them, leaving nothing to save for winter. The tomatoes are still not producing yet but they have started to grow more foliage and are flowering so I'm hopeful that they will kick it into high gear. The bell peppers are starting to ripen and the basil is taking over the bed that it is in.

Our cat is huge, old, cranky and can be extremely attention seeking. Anytime that Lori lays down in bed to read he comes flying in there and flops down on top of her book and then gives her this look (above) when she shoves him over so she can see the page.

Yes, she does have two books open ( one on the bed and one standing up behind the bed). She usually has at least 2 books going at all times. All though I don't know how she can stand to read in such close proximity to cat butt.

Lori took a mental health day a while back and got Brandon out of the house and to the driving range over by our house to hit a bucket of balls. He did very well and was consistently hitting them out to the 200 mark.
All of his buddies will be over at the house AGAIN this weekend for what we loving refer to as "Geek Night" (they come and play games unitl the wee early hours). Then tomorrow after church Lori's Mom and Dad are coming over for lunch and to visit. I am busy out back digging a huge hole (pictures to come later) to sink two large containers in that will collect rainwater from the gutter system for use in the yard, filling the pond, and washing the cars. It will be yet another busy weekend for all of us.

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