Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Fun and Business

Norah making sugar cookies.
Norah has discovered the fun of playing dress up AND the fun of having Dad so wrapped around her little finger that she can get him to play dress up too. She wears the blue wings everywhere. Yes, those are white wings that Glen has on.
This outfit would be the result of a morning of visiting yard sales. The blue wings have 2 ribbons hanging off of them that Norah has used to tie "Glen's" pair of wings to her blue ones so that she always has them at the ready.

I had to resort to face painting one morning to avoid a HUGE fit. It worked so well I think I may use it again.

Looked out the window one morning to see Cecil sitting in the middle of this vine staring longingly at the kitchen window.

The cat has taken over Norah's little green chair. We have caught him napping in it several times.

We have had LOTS of doctor appointments, both for Norah and Glen. Norah's implant will be done next Friday. Glen has tests all day Tuesday. We are very thankful for my parents, who are taking time off from their busy schedules to help us make all these appointments and for additional help here at the house. I will try to update sometime this week on Glen and Norah, in between working and everything else.


Unknown said...

It looks like your family is such a perfect fit. Will be praying for you all!

Grimes Family said...

Our girl is a daddy's girl as well...Many prayers from S. Georgia going up for you all.

Anonymous said...

bonjour, votre Norah est magnifique. tous les jours nous suivons votre blog. Norah nous donne l'énergie pour continuer l'attente de Ann-Sue LID 18 mai 2006. Si vous venez à Québec dites le nous.

Charlotte said...

Dang Glen !

she's got you wrapped tight around them fingers !

Tomorrow I get Evelina !