Saturday, August 29, 2009


A couple of days before Norah's surgery she was given a tour of the facilities and a doll with some medical equipment to help her feel more comfortable. Although after major heart surgery she is probably an old pro at this stuff.
But man, did she love playing with this stuff.

Norah watching cartoons while waiting her turn for surgery. She got a little wild after this picture from being cooped up and not having anything to eat or drink since the night before. So we made a fort out of the hospital crib and blankets, colored, blew up gloves and batted them around. You know whatever it took to keep her occupied and happy. She also ripped off her oxygen monitor cord and used it to play like she was "fishing" over the side of the crib.

The red socks the hospital gave us for her to wear were WAY to big so they became a hat for the glove man.

Watching Ed, Ed and Eddie on Cartoon Network. Her brother would be so proud. That was one of his favorite cartoons when he was little.

After the Versed. It took her down a couple of notches and apparently made Ed, Ed and Eddie FASCINATING!
The nurse came to get Norah about 50 minutes after they had given her the Versed so it was starting to wear off. We ended up carrying Norah kicking and screaming to the doors of the OR. The nurse put Norah's chart between her legs and reached to carry Norah. Glen and I both looked at each other and told her "You are going to need help." Norah can fight with the best of them and if she doesn't want to go somewhere you are going to have a HECK of a time getting her there. She will hold onto door frames even.
The surgery lasted about 4 hours. Everything went well except for a CSF leak. Norah will have to be on "bed rest" (as much as possible) for 1 week. She goes back to her ENT DR. on Monday to have her bandage removed and to check the leak. Wish us luck.

This morning she was up and coloring. It has been hard to keep her still but we are managing better than I though we would. You just can't keep her down. With this kind of persistance I believe Norah can do whatever she sets her mind to.


Anonymous said...

Yay, it's over! But poor baby, she must have one heck of a headache! You too? Hang in there!

Trish said...

I am glad that she did well with the surgery. She is amazing. I look forward to following her progress.

Grimes Family said...

Exciting Days! Our prayers are with you... Our Lydia is doing awsome! Feeling mighty blessed!

Lynn said...

Awww!! Poor sweet thing! I will keep Norah and all of you in my prayers! Such an amazing family!

Charlotte said...

Oh, my sweet little Norah ! giving you a big Estonian hug from me and Evelina !

Heidi said...

Feel better soon, Norah!

Linda said...

What a brave girl you are Norah. I hope you heal quickly. Waiting to see your progress as you grow to be such a big girl. Linda