Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Norah had a birthday party to go to that wasn’t hers.


You know when it is going to happen, you see your child thinking things over trying to figure things out. Then you notice they don’t understand and things are going to go bad and tears will be shed, this is part of growing up and with Norah, she is just experiencing things for the first time at a much older age then her peers.
Case and point we were at the birth day party of Mr. Riley Norah was having fun playing with the kids and even had her first duck duck goose game, that the other kids helped let her know when she was the goose and needed to chase them.
Then it was time for Riley to receive his gifts that the kids had brought him. The first gift came out and all was well. Norah was happily sitting watching him open the first two or three, and then she gave me a look like what’s up dad. I just smiled signed for her to watch. Now Riley has four sisters three were at the party and for the younger two. Someone had brought two small gifts for them too.
Well when I seen the other two gifts get handed gifts I knew Norah would not under stand and sure enough. Norah gets up from the back of the crowd moves closer the lady handing out the gifts and sits back down, make perfect since, maybe the lady just didn’t see her. Then Riley gets a couple of more gifts and so Norah not wanting to be left out gets up and go’s right to the lady, and taps her on the leg like,

Hey lady I know you must have over looked me waiting passionately for my gift so here I am empty handed.

I asked Norah to sit down only to have her get up when yet another gift went to Riley. Tap the lady on the leg again, turn to us and start balling like it was the end of the world. Lori took her out for a walk to calm down and all was well after awhile, Norah even was able to choke down some cake and ice-cream. That is just one of many life lesions she will learn in the coming years. Later we all went swimming in the big pool at the party she loves the swimming so all was right with the world again.
I love that girl.



Leah Spring said...

Oh, what a heartbreaking story!!!! I have one to share with you. When I was in interpreter training, my favorite teacher, born deaf, had the most fascinating stories. One day we were just shooting the breeze and he told me 2 stories. First, when he was around 4 or 5 years old, and not yet in school, (and no language since at that time in the early 40's he was forced to be oral) He could figure out what type of magic his mother posessed, that whenever she went to the door there would be Grandma and Grampa standing there. Or the mailman. Or his sisters friend from down the street. So he would be playing with his toys and decide to go open the door himself, but there would be nobody standing there to play with him, or to visit. He tried to ask his mother how she did that trick, but she didn't have a way to explain to him that she HEARD the knock or the doorbell. It was a mystery to him for many years. He went to oral school until he was 9 years old, at which time a deaf residential school opened in their town. He didn't have to live there, but his mother drove him every morning and picked him up every afternoon. His very first day he walked into a school full of flying hands and was very scared. But the other kids knew the fear, and they helped him along. And, on the second day of school he learned the most important information of all...he learned he had a name! His parents had never had a way to teach him his name. My teacher, Neil, cried as he told me this story in 1992, and it's one I keep close to my heart, because he let me into that part of his world. Just thought I'd share, because the story of the birthday party reminded me of his experience. Like you, I pray that Norah's implants are successful. She is an amazing little girl,and extremely intelligent, and no matter what her future holds, she's going to soar!

Charlotte said...

I feel honored to have been there to see Norah's first duck duck goose, anytime she has a first it so special. To see her eyes like up is amazing, reminds me of the 1st time Riley saw the microwave work ! When I saw the girls get the gifts and not Norah I could see it coming ! Bless her little heart, she did so good ! She is such a beautiful child !

MSChaz said...

I just stumbled across your blog, thought I'd quickly scroll through it, but before I even got through the first page I was standing here in my kitchen with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful, beautiful daughter. I plan to visit this site frequently!
Mom to 15 month old Rachel from Vietnam

sab & gis said...

Bonjour, quelle est magnifique Norah! À tous les jours je vais voir votre site. Si vous venez un jour au Canada plus précisément à Québec dites le nous... on seraient fous de joie de vous voir.
Norah nous donne le courage de continuer.. nous attendons notre petite Ann-Sue avec impatience LID 18 mai 2006.

sab & gis said...

bonjour, nous sommes en amour avec Norah... elle est adorable! tous les jours nous suivons votre blog. Norah nous donne de l'énergie pour continuer notre attente vers notre petite Ann-Sue LID 18 mai 2006. Si un jour vous venez à Québec dites le nous

Anonymous said...

Bonjour votre petite Norah est tellement magnifique! Tous les jours nous suivont votre blog. Norah nous donne l'énergie pour continuer notre attente de notre petite Ann-Sue LID 18 mai 2006. Si un jour vous venez à Québec dites le nous