Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Connected Child author speaks.

Dr Karyn Purvis will be speaking at The Summit Church in North Little Rock tomorrow and thanks to the heads up from my FCC group, Lori and I will be going. This book has helped Lori and I, many of our friends in the adoption community, as well as others who have adopted to prepare for what was to come. I can remember sitting in China at a table full of parents, excited about finally meeting their children in the coming days. Norah was the second oldest child being adopted in our group. When one of the parents asked me how I thought Norah was going to act on adoption day, I said I wasn’t sure, she could come to us and give us a hug or she could come to us kicking and screaming and try to bite us. Some of the parents laughed and I said I’m serious. Well with Norah both happened on adoption day. Norah came to us laughed, giggled, fed me cheerios and played with Lori. Then when it was time to leave the kicking and screaming and trying to bite us began and lasted through the family photo and the long walk back to the hotel, finally ending at the water fountain outside our hotel. I hope anyone going to China or any other country to adopt an older child reads the Connected Child, and talks to different adoptive parents who have adopted older children. I know it helped us be prepared to help Norah and gave us some understanding as to what she was going through. It also gave us the tools we need to help her work towards a strong, healthy attachment to both her mom and I. She is doing so well with her mom and I. I will write a post about how far she has come soon. I Look forward to meeting Dr. Karyn Purvis tomorrow night

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Jen said...

Bless you for this post. I'm reading The Connected Child now, and already concluded I would HAVE to post a "please please please read" on my blog. I know you know why - it should be required for all orphanage adoptions.