Thursday, November 05, 2009

Norah's First Halloween

Norah really got inot the pumpkin carving. Her cute little pumpkin soon turned into something that would fit right into a Tim Burton movie. We just pluncked a candle down in it anyway and called it perfect. Luckily we got a picture before the massacre occured.

She loves doing Glen's hair. If we could only convince him to grow it out she might be able to get a ponytail holder in there.

On Halloween Day we made banana bread and a pumkin pie. Well Norah made them I just dumped ingredients in and put things in the stove.
Then we went Trunck or Treating at my parents church. It was great and Norah was super excited that people just handed over tons of candy when she smiled at them. There were also lots of games to play and prizes to collect. Once we got back home, where Jess and Brandon had been handing out candy, Norah got to listen for the knocks at the door and pass out candy to other children. She was extremely generous and made short work of the candy bowl. In between handing out candy she spread out her haul from the night and started chowing down. We can't wait for next year. She will have a better idea of what to expect and should REALLY get into it.

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CA Kickin' Mom said...

Norah is absolutely the most beautiful witch I have ever seen! Looks like you guys had a great time. They catch on fast to that "oh, I get CANDY" concept, Don't they?! :-)