Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Norah has been accepted to a Speech and Language program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock! She attends two days a week for three hours. The program is run by graduate students at the college. There are 7 children in the program plus Norah. The Scottish Rite Masons provided Norah with a scholarship to attend the program. We will be eternally grateful to them and the people that run and participate in the program. Finding this program enables us to stay put here in Arkansas, otherwise we would most likely would have had to pack up and leave for a state that had an intense Oral/deaf program. Norah still attends speech therapy two times a week and Glen works with her constantly in between. I am at work most of the time but try to make time each night to color with Norah. That is how we are learning colors. We both try to make just about everything into a speech/signing lesson on the weekends. This program also lets Norah socialize with other children her age. A few of them even have cochlear implants.
Even before Norah arrived in our lives she has brought amazing people across our path. There continues to be a steady stream of help and advice from all around us. We are truly thankful.

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CA Kickin' Mom said...

Lori & Glen,
What an exciting opportunity for all of you! You must be the most resourceful parents I know... It's clear to see what a blessing Norah has been to all who know her. Not having to 'move' is priceless...