Sunday, March 28, 2010

We are Home.

Sorry for no update on surgery but we were at the hospital until yesterday afternoon with no internet.

As for the surgery it went well, her surgeon took his time on the second side like he did on the first because Norah’s faceshal nerve was so close to where he had to go throw to put in her CI. He informed us before the surgery that because Norah has abnormal shaped cochlea’s on both sides she will problubly be very dizzy for a few days, and may need to try in the hospital this time because for some resin with the kids with abnormal cochlea’s the second surgery throw them off balance for a couple of days, more then the first one dues.

Boy he was right, the surgery went even easer then the first her CSF leak was not as bad this time, and again got all 20 electrodes into the cochlea. Our little Norah was so dizzy and would throw up if she moved around to much, this time we knew we and her DR. could not go home so we stayed in the hospital for a couple of days to let her brain catch up with her inner ear fluid. Luckily they were also able to give her pain, antibiotics, and vertigo medication throws her IV. By Saturday she was feeling much better and wanted to go to the play area in the unite we were in. We had to hold her up to look at the toys because she was still off balance so bad. Then by Sunday morning she could stand on her own with Lori and me at the ready to catch her if she fell. It was about lunch when phical therapy came by to brief us and let her go home.

By the time we got home she was ready to go. She was still wobbly last night but wound up tight and getting into every thing she could, and I think we had to play with all her toys, to get her to calm down for a little wile I painted her finger and toe nails, then for dinner we went to grandmas and grandpas house for dinner. She impressed them with her new spoken word “No“. Ha-ha I think she will master that one before to long. She is doing very good so far and is now just taking children’s Tylenol for pain. We will see how her balance is today it should improve every day until it is back to normal. WE are thankful that the surgery went well now we have moved on to trying to avoid infection and looking forward to activation day in three weeks.

Getting weighed in for surgery.

Norah had to dress her stuffed hippo in yellow jammies so that they could look alike. The nurses also gave the hippo his own armband.

Waiting to go back to surgery.

Right after surgery we went from recovery to an express care room where we ended up staying for 3 days.

Dad and Norah.

Out for a wagon ride on day two.

Norah glad to be home.


Sandra said...

Glad she is home and that all went well! I think the incision looks wonderful!

sabrina said...

AH Norah youre back home... I'M happy to know that. you look good. Take care of you... xxx

bbmomof2boys said...

Yeah!! Norah is such a trooper. It amazes me how our girls handle things. God is so good.

Oh - and is that Lori hiding behind Norah in the pictures??


Kathy said...

Hi ! I found your blog on NHBO and wanted to introduce myself. We adopted our Maggie in Dec. 2009 and she has severe hearing loss too. Currently, she has a bone conduction hearing aid, but may get a CI. Norah is just beautiful !

Glen said...

Hi Kathy, is your daughter useing a baha it looks like she has a ci in her head band?

Sandra above also has a deaf daughter from China,The amazing Jazzie.
Glad to meet you will mark you in favorits to fallow along.