Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday evening

It was finally decent outside this evening so we headed out to the backyard (ok, we really were dragged out there by Norah. If it had been up to Glen and I we would have become one with the couch). Norah likes to trim on the trees and shrubs in the backyard. All you have to do is give her a pair of safety scissors and she's off. She is also a good weeder. I sure do hope she likes to help this much when she gets older.
I LOVE the way her hair looks in the sunshine and her skin is such a beautiful gold/brown.
No, I am not biased at all......she seriously is's a fact!
There was a breeze blowing and the sun was going down. Only thing missing was a frozen margarita.

She hates these exoskeletons that are all over the backyard. You can always tell when she finds one because the yelling gets really loud. I have tried to show her that they are empty but its hard to catch her and get her to calm down enough to explain. I guess they are kind of creepy.

Best swingset we ever bought. She plays on the trampolin part and twirls around the bar more than she plays on the swings or slide.

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withgratefulhearts said...


I am working on my adoption video (I'm really on the ball. Last week was our one year gotcha anniversary!)
Anyways, I end up spending more time watching other people's videos than working and tonight...I was captivated by your video on youtube. It was beautiful. I'm going to spend some time reading back on your blog in the next couple days to hear about your journey with Norah.