Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Wall, Rockets, Cheese, and Belly Buttons.

Glen found this "Great Wall of China" cardboard coloring contraption on sale at Hobby Lobby (craft store). It took both of us to put the thing together. Norah thought it was neat though and had her Princess and the Frog doll playing on it for a few days.
We recently got a decent snow storm. Norah was not real big on snow last year but this year she actually went outside for a little while and even rode around on a sled for about 20 minutes, then she was done and ready to go back inside.

Notice the hands on the hips posture. Notice the disapproving look on her face. Hahahaha! Glen had no idea what he was in for. To funny! This is her new stance and facial expression. She uses it often and she IS NOT joking.

It has been quite cold here lately so we have been having to find things to do inside. See above about how Norah is not real big on cold weather. We made a rocket from one of her many craft books and then tied up fishing line from the top of the front door to the table leg in the kitchen. The rocket is attached to the fishing line by pipe cleaners. Norah tied an extra long piece of fishing line to the bottom of the rocket so that she could pull it all the way back up to the top part of the string on the front door. When she would let go of her end of the string the rocket would zoom back down the line to the kitchen. She played with that for a while and then went and got a whole lot of ribbon out of the craft bin and began tying it everywhere. It made it almost impossible to get through the living room BUT entertained her for almost 4 hours so it was well worth it. We just went throught the next morning and cut it all down.

Yet another thing to do inside on a cold day. We tried or hand at making cheese. Glen and I saw a little blurb in the How To section of the Google home page and thought hmmmm I wonder if it will work. It was really easy, didn't take long, and Norah even liked the cheese. I think we will most likely do it again and maybe even try and expand on the types of cheese. I tried making orange marmalade too but it tastes really bad. I will have to try it again sometime with a different receipe

We were going to suspend the dish towel from the hanger over night to let the remainder of the whey drip out but we are very impatient around here so I just squeezed it out.

Cheese burgers for lunch! Yum!

Norah's outfit for Tuesday. I hope she never loses her quirky fashion sense.

On a side note: I realize that if you come in to the hospital with an emergency you might be dirty from working or whatever. Totally expected and acceptable. No problem I will wash you down before surgery without a word. However, for the love of pete people wash out your belly button once in a while. I can not tell you the number of times I have had to dig out with tweezers something that looks like a small, stinky mouse out of someones belly button. Your bathing anyway right? (Hopefully) Just stick your finger in there and twirl it around. Who knows you might like it. Just saying. This ends my public service announcement for today. (Disclaimer: Obviously I am not talking about anyone in particular. It is just an overall observation.) Cut your toenails too!

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