Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nature Center

Glen, Norah, Bebe (baby doll), and Boo
Norah showing off the sign for deer.

There was an entire display of artwork at the nature center. All of it was beautiful, this one particularly caught my eye because of the strong orange/brown colors on the front duck. Gorgeous!

This poor guy looks like he has had a ROUGH night!

These huge ugly turtles actually live in the waters around here! Glen used to catch them every once in a while when he would go catfishing. They would go after his bait. Needless to say he would just cut his line because you do not want to go into this things mouth after a hook. You would loose a finger, possibly an entire hand. They are MEAN too and they hiss!

Nasty! I really do not like snakes.

Who is that handsome young man?

Beaver! Hahahahahah! (Sorry, my sense of humor is the same as a 13 year old boy).

The nature center is free, my favorite word. Well ok, not "free" because I did pay for it with my taxes I guess but they did a good job on it so it was well worth it.

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