Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoo Trip

After going to the Nature Center we all went to the zoo. By the look of that line to get in we were not the only people happy to see a sunny day.
He is LOVIN' the sun too.

I don't know wether to think this is cute or sad. He looked kind of sad to me, dragging his blankets across the ground all depressed like.

The gorilla would stand in the corner by the observation glass and wait quietly till he was ready then he would run by the window and smack at whoevers face was closest. All in good fun but I'm sure if he could have gotten out someone would have gotten the beat down for disturbing his privacy. Probably the kid that kept taunting him. I was on this side of the glass and wanted to smack him.

Norah's favorite animal in the whole world. Well, that and penguins.

Two of Norah's favorite animals.

The first time we brought Norah to the bird enclosure she was beside herself and would not get down and could not get out of there fast enough. This time it took me and Boo both to keep her corraled.

New penguin exhibit was not open yet so Norah had to settle for a picture of her as a penguin.
Anyone seen Dr. Blowhole? (10 points if you know who that is).

No.....I do not think we will be coming back again. We were not impressed. Yes, we go about once a year but it always leaves us kind of sad. There have been improvements made to the habitats but there is still much lacking. This time there were also other concerns: over flowing bathrooms, no water fountains that worked, areas roped off that made the children's area look like a crime scene. Even the vending machines to get a drink at were turned off and almost all of the concession stands closed. It seems as though the city of Little Rock would rather spend it's money on making more golf courses and updating it's sports facilities than put some time and money into the zoo. This also goes for our libraries but that's another post all together. This has seemed to be the case for a while. Our zoo here even lost it's accreditation for a time. Makes me want to hide under my blanket in shame.......kind of like the orangutan.

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Carrie said...

love the pics sorry it was not much fun!