Sunday, October 09, 2011

I Have Officially Given In

I had to finally do two things today.

1) Find my specs cause I seriously can't see anymore.

2) Dye my hair. Not cause I wanted something different or just for fun BUT to cover up my distinguished greying temples and other assorted wild grey hairs. (It is WAY to red right now by the way. I may have to go get some darker brown to tone it down some.)

If you need me I will be the one sitting in the corner rocking and mumbling about my lost youth.
That is all.



L said...

It happens to the best of us! I am blonde and once I was doing my roots and the box said blonde, but for some reason my hair turned red! I used a color remover and it still took about 6 six until I could go back to my "natural" blonde...I learned my lesson and leave it to the professionals now.

Glen said...

You would think that I couldn't mess up brown. If the color doesn't tone down some by Thursday I will have to go have some actual non red brown coloring put in it. I can't start going to interviews next week with egg plant colored hair. I think I have learned my lesson. No more home hair coloring.