Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Have Found a Pumpkin Patch!

 Anyone that knows us, knows that we LOVE Halloween and fall. So of course along with having to find new doctors, dentists, beauticians, ect we are having to find new Halloween/Fall things to do and places to visit. Well, we will have to look no further for a pumpkin patch. Stocker Farms has it all! We were there for over three hours. It was amazing and Norah had a blast!

 That's her in that big cage. This is the same kid that didn't know how to climb play equipment or walk without falling on uneven ground when we got her.
 There was even a little trout fishing pond. Norah is an all out fisher woman. She even asked us if she could go fishing when we were visiting the Seattle Aquarium earlier this year.
 Woohoo! She caught one.
 The object of the game here is to get your little plastic duck down the trough by pumping the trough full of water.

 What you don't see here is that Ariel the mermaid is buckled in next her in the cart.

 Norah likes riding the little ponies. This year she told Glen to "go away". She didn't need anyone to walk next to her so that she wouldn't fall off.
 Norah walked all over the pumpkin patch knocking on the pumpkins and then sticking her ear on them. I guess she was hoping one would ask her to take it home with her.
In the end Norah decided to go with little pumpkins this year. She actually negotiated us up from just three little pumpkins to five. She may be a lawyer in the making. You can also see how red my hair is here. YIKES! Oh well, it's just hair.....right?


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