Thursday, October 06, 2011


I am currently doing some refresher studying before launching myself back into the work place. So today I headed to the library. I was thinking that Norah is in school, Glen is otherwise occupied and going to the library would make it where I am not distracted by house stuff that needs to be done (like nap taking or watching Dance Moms, which I find horrifying but like a huge train wreck that I can not look away from). Materials and books were gathered and I set off. The library was reasonably quiet and the study section with the tables just had a spattering of fellow studiers hard at work. I choose a table that was unoccupied, spread out my stuff and pulled my hair back away from my face. Todays challenge was doing Body Surface Area dosage calculations for medications. You know.....something simple that I really don't need to concentrate on. Not five minutes after I sit down here comes a couple, I am assuming they were a couple because they kept talking to each other and saying how much the one loved the other one. The man finally got his laptop and earbuds in place and started playing some game that required him to click the buttons on his mouse no less than 3.67 billion times per minute. Now let me stop here to say that "clicking" stuff over and over again is a ...well let us say pet peeve of mine. It irritates me so bad that my friends that I used to work with would do it on purpose to me because they knew how much I hate it.  So at this point I am already feeling stabby and wanting to wrap the mouse around his neck. Lets add to this the fact that he was snorting like a pug with a sinus infection, constantly. Every breath he took he actually snorted. It was, in a sick way, impressive to say the least. Then on top of that he would have to call over his significant other and talk loudly about his score on the game. Did I mention that I was seated in the STUDY section of the library. Added to this caccophany of noise was the occasional yet oddly repitious outbursts of swear words when I am guessing his game was not going his way.  I won't even get into what the woman was doing because she was so overshadowed by snorky that it isn't even worth mentioning.
I realize that the library is a public place but seriously, if you don't know how to behave in there after years of seeing the stereotypical librarian telling everyone to SSSSHHHHH. Then stay home or go to a bar with wifi. Do not come in the library and bother the people studying because someday you could be in the hospital and need your nurse to know those dosage calculations down pat.
By the time I got fed up and started looking around for another table they were all full. Luckily Glen called me and I stepped outside to take his call. Turns out the quietest place that I found to study today was a sandwich shop with rock music blaring.
Did I mention the smell?



Anonymous said...

Wait, you have to study? Now I hope we never move - I'd never be able to get another job! Ha! Ha! Hey, what are you guys doing for Christmas? We're thinking of planning a trip and thought Seattle would be beautiful that time of year. Seriously! Let me know ... Melissa

Glen said...

Yes Melissa you would have to study because you are as a big a nerd as I am. That's why I love you.
So far we aren't really doing anything for Christmas. I'm sure that it will be rainy here but if you are up for that then come on out. We can make anything fun with enough margaritas.