Thursday, September 27, 2007

Great Firewall Of China Now Has Animated Cops to go along with the warnings.

The photo above was taken from the

This comes as no news to the people of China. For years they have been monitored by the government and defiantly know if they enter a certain word or words in a yahoo or Google search . They will told by the government you are being watched and that you are trying to look up unauthorized material. Well now they have added Animated Cops to go along with the warning. There are ways around the Great firewall of China but when China finds them they block them and the people have to look for another route through cyberspace to get the information you are looking for. The link below is a video news report.



Anonymous said...

Glen, that's interesting and I know that they do block a lot of stuff, but I'm not sure that page is accurate. I tested our blog site and it said URL blocked, yet we were able to access our blog site in every location in China that offered internet access (including our daughter's small hometown hotel room). I wouldn't be surprised if whoever designed that web page just responds with everything blocked for the shock and awe value.
I do know, though that there are many places that blogspot is blocked in China (some places not....the White Swan has access to blogspot accounts. So, if you plan on bringing a laptop to share pictures of Norah, you should have a temporary site for it that is not blocked. We use an Apple account so I can't help you with that, but others on MSN probably can.

Glen said...

You may be right. I know I am blocked because my the people in China I talk to over the internet cant see my blog.

Ronda said...

You always have the most interesting information about China posted on your reading about it. Glad to hear the White Swan has access to blogspots, since that is where we are staying for our entire adoption trip. Wish the US would regulate the internet better when it came to internet fraud, illegally activity, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I have just found your blog....I came in for a couple of reasons...#1 my name is Norah. There are not very many Norah's around, so it is exciting to see someone using this name. I am a 7th generation goes back all the way to England. And the 2nd reason I stopped is because my parent live in AR as well as almost all of my father's family. hope you don't mind if I pop in ever so often to see how your journey is going and see when you all will be traveling! Thanks and you are getting closer to Norah. By the way, will you use her current name as her middle name or do you have another name picked out...mine middle name is pretty good too....ha ha Norah Elizabeth!