Sunday, September 02, 2007

What's in the box?

After we got the mulch under control it was off to the mall so Annie, Lori, and Boo could get manicures and I could sit in the wonderful massage chairs that they have at the nail salon.

Annie standing back taking it all in.

Looks Heavy.

After 17 years of marriage we finally have our first new couch. We always bought 2nd hand furniture. It was nice to order it for ourselves this time, take it out of a box and not have to clean it first. I will express my feelings in the word that Annie likes to use, "yeah"



Anonymous said...

LOL isn't it wonderful but pathetic? We got our first new refrigerator-EVER, and our first new washer and dryer, when we first bought our house about 6 months ago. I just turned 46 yrs old, and brand new is, well.....pretty much a brand new word for me. Pathetic but glorious isn't it?
BTW, Why wasn't Lori the one taking the picture of the unloading ceremony? How did you get nominated?

Glen said...

Lori nominated me because I have had two back surgeries, a big one not long ago so I have to watch what I lift for awile.

Lisa and Shane said...

Oooh the new couch - love it! Yey to brand new! We have one on order too for when we move. Can't wait!

LindaJ said...

I love new stuff!! Your room looks GREAT!!!