Sunday, September 13, 2009

I learned something new about Norah yesterday.

When we got home from China Love with out boundaries sent us all the information we had on Norah, with that information was two short 2minet videos of Norah with some people from LWB and her foster mom. I tried to view them with Norah at the time we got them but it upset her which surprised me because at the time she would look throw the photo album LWB had given her once a day and it had photo of her foster mom in there too.
Any way here we are just have our six months home study update with Norah and so I got the DVD out again to see if Norah wanted to see it. When I put it into the computer and it started playing she immediately turned to Lori and wanted to be picked up and did not look back at the computer screen. So I watched the video my self but instead and this time looked more at every one in the video not just Norah as I had the first time. There was Norah’s foster mom working with Norah from a note book she had written before to trying to get Norah to say sounds. Then in the second video my eyes were on the foster mom I don’t know how I missed this before but I called Lori to the computer. There was Norah and her foster mom would say the words & signs for mom, dad, eyes, hair. They looked like home signs but I don’t know they could have been Chinese signs I‘m not sure.
But we are grateful to this Norah’s Foster mom for the obvious care and time she spent trying to teach her language.
When Norah is ready she can see the video and maybe after she gets more language and she is ready she can tell us about her life in China.

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Shea said...

Sounds like she was in a wonderful foster home. I am so glad that she has done so well with both of you and is thriving.