Sunday, September 13, 2009

Part of our family is still missing this year.


Even though we were so busy with Norah this summer I still kept our Annie in the back of my mind. Knowing she would be back for another year of school after visiting her parents and the rest of her friends and family in China for the summer. I was to pick her up on august 12th. As the time I was going to pick her up at the airport grew near I was getting excited to have her in our lives for another school year.
I email her on the 10th to confirm the time she was going to get to the airport. On the 11th I got a call from Sam her unincel. Annie had torn her ACL playing soccer on august 10th and had to go into surgery. Pore girl was in the hospital for weeks because after words she could not bend her leg. So she missed the start of fall semester.
I was able to talk to her parents when she was in the hospital but not her no internet at the hospital. But when Annie got out she emailed me she wants to come back to school this spring semester, but was having a good time eating all the yummy Chinese food…..And being pampered by her parents too I’m sure.
Get well soon Sissy we love you and miss you.
Your American Mom and Dad.

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