Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brandon takes a road trip, and girly girls can play with frogs too.

Brandon heads off to Indiana with his girl friend this after noon to help move some of her things up there because she got a job offer working with her step mother. When Brandon graduates high school this semester is over he plans on moving up there with her and finding a job. We have told him he is 18 and can do it if he thinks it is what he wants to do but he must finish out this last semester of school first and get his high school diploma, luckily his girlfriend know this and is constantly helping him with his home work. Lori and I moved out at that age and though we didn’t always have it easy it worked out for us.

Norah has been on an all thing pink and fairy wings trip lately. I use to think before I had a girl that parents just dressed there girls in pink so that was what they wore. Not so much Norah defiantly has her quirks likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion. OnE of the funniest things is her fairy wings she must have on if we leave the house. One thing she did lose was some high heel dress up shoes children’s hospital gave her that came with a crown and scepter. Holly Cow she wanted to where them ever where and they were not safe for walking out side the house. They some how got misplaced. She will want to look in the car mirror to adjust her hair just so, and then other day’s pull her hear bands out and run around the house with some wild hair dos.
But she still likes new advancers like playing with frogs, worms, and bugs, its good to have some balance in your life. Oh we got back to the map Norah’s CI again today and to have a another hearing test hope it is better than the last one even a little step towards our goal would be great


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Carrie said...

awesome-I love bugs and stuff and I am a girl-Hoping for good news with her hearing test!