Saturday, October 24, 2009

Art Center Pharoh Kids Day

The Arkansas Art Center was having a Kids Pharoh Day as part of their new Egyptian exhibit. Norah was really thrilled with all the crafts and the people dressed up in costume. She made
papyrus paper, painted a pharoh mask, made an amulet necklace and earned her junior archeologist certificate. Norah also "wrote" in hyroglyphics and was named pharoh by the volunteers. We were also glad to see Charlotte and her kids (Evelina, Riley, Raeghan, Rachael) there enjoying the fun. Norah's face just lit up when she saw them all come through the door.

We are really glad that there have started to be more fun things to do in our area for kids that don't cost alot of money and are different from the norm. Hopefully it is a trend that will continue.


Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! We hope to be as great at parenting as you are ...

Famille Mailhot-Lessard said...

Your girl is very cute and beautiful smile!

I am from Quebec Canada!

I just see your video when your received Norah in China!

Wow! Felications!