Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Cold and Annie is Back

Norah got to play in the snow and did all right until her hands got cold, then it was time to go into the house.

Norah and I are taking a trip to UCA tomorrow to visit with Annie and take her thingsto her that we had stored at our house while she went back to China for the summer. She was going to come back last fall but she was having fun in China and was playing soccer and tore her ACL two days before she was to board a plane back the U.S.. I missed her, she helped me keep my sanity while waiting for a referral for Norah. I took care of her and protected her like she was my daughter while she lived with us. I still care for her but she doesn't need me to look after her like I did when she was a junior in high school. It is more like the relationship between a father and his daughter that is in her second year of college. If she needs us we are close enough to help but, we find that Annie has things pretty much figured out by now and so we just make a trip to UCA every once in awhile and text her to check in once a week. Her parents like that we are here to help if needed and we like the fact that Annie still calls us mom and dad and shares her college life with us.

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PATeacher said...

Hello! I am a teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing in South-Central Pennsylvania. A friend of mine is adopting a deaf boy from China and will be traveling to get him sometime this summer. On her blog, she shared the link to your YouTube video "China Adoption." I smiled with delight and joy as I watched the video. What you have done, are doing, and will continue to do for Norah is truly amazing and heartwarming. I feel that these words don't even do it justice. You are incredible people for giving this child a life and a "voice." Congratulations to you and your precious family. I am going to start following your blog, because I am so interested, touched, inspired, and filled with joy by your story. God Bless.