Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Norah and Boo’s new hair do.

I don’t know what you would classify this hair cut as, but Brandon likes it and it works for me and Lori too, so we will roll with it. You never know what he will look like from one day to the next. He’s a good kid and stays out of trouble so no complaints. In fact he got all A’s and B’s this last semester. Way to go Brandon!

Norah was hanging on him last night like he was her best friend.
They usually don‘t hang out together so it is definite progress.

Poor Norah, she still sounds congested, so I will be taking her back to the DR. to see if there is anything else we can do for her. At least as of yesterday she didn’t need anymore fever meds. She finished up her pneumonia meds today, so we will see if they worked when she has some follow up x-rays tomorrow. Night time always seems to be the worst for her breathing and that is scary as a parent. You go into a kind of twilight sleep where you are not fully asleep but drifting in and out so you can keep and ear on your child for sounds of distress. As you can see in the photo Norah is still in good spirits during the day. She even let her Dad practice braiding her hair. You can’t see it in the photo but she has like 9 braids in her hair. What a good girl I have.
AND What a smart son.



to sing and to dance (karen) said...

It's a cross between Adam Lambert in the front and Kate (From Jon and Kate) in the back. That kid's at least got style.

Sandra said...

Adam Lambert comes to mind ;-)