Saturday, January 09, 2010

Nightlife, Princess party and sponge rollers

What do we do around the house at night you ask.....well, we like to dress up our stuffed sheep and then pretend to take pictures of them with our pink princess phone of course.

Norah was invited to our friend Rachael's house for her 5th birthday today. There was fingernail and toenail painting, hair curling, and dress up princess gowns and crowns. All of it was right up Norah's alley. She had a great time with all of the other girls. There was even a group picture taken on the front porch. Happy Birthday Rachael!

We are trying out the retro pink sponge curlers tonight to see if Norah will allow them to stay in her hair. She is going to be the flower girl in my brothers wedding in April and we will need to have her hair curly to camoflage the spots where it had to be shaved for her two implant surgeries. Wish us luck cause if Norah doesn't want it to happen it ...will...not....happen! We are getting alot of the hands on hips attitude lately. It is kind of cute but will have to be nipped in the bud if at all possible. I'm the Mama! I'm the boss......right?

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Anonymous said...

You are SO NOT the boss! Ha! Ha! Ha!