Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arkansas State Fair 2010

We went to the fair on Sunday so that Norah could see all of the animals. This was a cute little setup where the ducks waddled up this side then ate some food from the little trough at the top before sliding down the other side, then swimming back around to do it all again.
As soon as Norah saw the cow she started doing the sign and making moooooing noises. She was really excited to see them eating.

PIGLETS! Wilbur......Babe........Piglet.......what other famous pigs are there?

These sheep were so pretty. Their coats looked like a smokey grey velvet. The black pantyhose aren't bad either.

This must be one of those rare long distance bike riding sheep. He has on his Lance Armstrong approved aerodynamic lycra riding suit.

You lookin' at me?......You lookin' at ME! ? Why, yes we are. You have such cute little ears Mr. Bunny.

Norah hamming it up for the camera.

Crocheted yellow roses. WOW! I consider it a success if I can cut paper in a straight line. Someone has some serious talent.

Ok, I know what this is. Still I find it a little creepy. Just my opinion.

Norah doing her best Vanna White to show off the quilts hanging from the ceiling.

Your Welcome and yes we will drive safely.
(Few little side notes: It was really hot Sunday. None of us do well with hot, super bright weather. One of the parking staff in our area was wigged out of his gourd. I believe the warning Glen gave me was ..."Crackhead at 3 o'clock." Nice! We think we saw Snookie! Even though we wouldn't be caught dead watching Jersey Shore you can't help but know who she is. If you have managed not to know who she is then I envy you. We ran into 3 or 4 people that signed to Norah .... LOVE IT! If you are out in public and know how to sign PLEASE do it. Even if you only know a few words. It means so much to Norah and us and others that sign. )

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