Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Far Behind

We put together this scrap wood dollhouse just as a way to keep Norah occupied while I completed some repairs around the house. Who knew that we would still be playing with it 2 weeks later. Norah has painted, we have added furniture made from popsicle sticks and toilet paper rolls, felt and ribbon.

The craft tornado! Don't worry there were no casualties. Except for the floor that is.

Boo brought over his new "toy". A juicer that he has been wanting for a while and now that he's a working man he can afford it. He made us and Jess all kinds of juice to try and even juiced up a bunch of pears from the trees in the backyard. It was really good to see them both. We love it when they get to come visit.

Back to the dollhouse. This is what Norah and I did late Saturday night. We put a popsicle shingle roof on the little house. It took forever but was made a little easier since I got to watch Caddyshack and Stripes while I worked. Don't worry Norah was to busy cracking the whip on me to even notice the movies on tv. A lot of the "shingles" are crooked because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see straight! ("Cinderella story.....Ha!)

We even added some artwork from a little book that was laying around.

And of course every house needs a landscaped yard. There is a white pickett fence in the works too. If you ask me this makes a Barbie dreamhouse look cheap. I would much rather have my dolls live here and Norah agrees.

When Norah is supposed to be in bed but is instead sneaking down the hallway to see what I am doing she likes to put her pillow over her head. Because if she can't see me then she can't see me sign "Go to bed." It really is cute. That cute little smile makes it hard to send her back to bed.

Here I am getting scolded for not coming to bed. She is totally serious. "It is time for bed! Go!"

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