Sunday, October 10, 2010


Norah DOES NOT sleep! She goes from before dawn till around 11 at night on a normal day. She does not sit quietly, she does not snooze on the couch. She goes full tilt until she face plants in the bed. Sometimes we are able to stay up that long, most times not. The photots above show what happens if you try and take a nap at our house. Luckily it wasn't fingernail polish or markers this time. We have gotten wise to her and removed all of that from our bedroom. But STICKERS! Really? I thought that Boo didn't sleep. HA! He had nothing on Norah.


Karen said...

Cadence was like that as well. She stopped sleeping during most days when she was around three. Every once in a while she would sleep in daycare, but most days she wouldn't. In fact, I've often wondered if she has insomnia. She doesn't really like sleeping, and some nights it's really difficult to get her to go to sleep. But, even in the 1st grade, it doesn't seem to affect her learning or her attitudes...So, we just let it go as part of her normalness.

Karen said...

That's awesome! I love it!