Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New bike and more

I am very lucky to work closely with some great people. Marlon (one of the scrub nurses on our team) gave Norah his daughters bike with training wheels that she had outgrown and even threw in a helmet. We cut away some of the foam on the inside so that Norah could wear the helmet over her cochlears and headed for the park. She has riden the bike a couple of times at the house but she REALLY enjoyed being at the park and having all that room. There was alot of swerving off the path and a whole lot of hitting the breaks but she did very well and had a blast.

Fun with pipe cleaners and boxes.

Norah all dressed up for gymnastics. Norah's Grandma and Grandpa pay for her to attend gymnastics. We thought for a while that we were going to have to get Norah some physical therapy. She was wobbly and delayed in her ability to balance, kick, ect. Gymnastics has been just the ticket. She loves going. Has a couple of little friends that she gets to see every week and her coordination and balance have improved to the point that she is almost caught up with her age group. Her Grandparents have given her a gift that will last her whole life.
There is also some BIG news about BOO coming soon!

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MandM said...

What? What? What? Your adoring fans want to know! And Norah is just adorable, as always.
P.S. Thanks so much for the great gifts for Eli's birthday. He totally gets how to make the cars go and everything! Awesome! And the crown was just fantastic. Pics coming soon. XOXO