Sunday, August 13, 2006

Notre Dame, narrow streets, and sleept train passengers

These are pictures of the Notre Dame cathedral. We were able to walk throught the cathedral for free and look at the stained glass and amazing architecture and stone work. The figures carved into the front and around the outside of the perimeter are VERY detailed. The one figure on the left in the picture of the four stone figures standing together is standing on what appears to be a king. We aren't sure what that's all about but I'm sure that is significant to the period.

Below are the pictures that we took of the extremly narrow streets that are located near the cathedral. Some of them have shops further down in the alley. The one with the scooter shows just how narrow some of the streets are.

On the way home on the RER (the train system we rode from Disneyland Paris into the city and back) everyone was tired. Brandon and Amanda fell asleep and only woke up when the train jerked to a stop.

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