Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tall fences = good neighbors

I am so happy, I just got done with the fence before we went on vacation which is pretty good because it has been 97-99 degres here for the last month. Now the landscaping that we have done to the backyard lloks even better and I don't have to see the neighbors yard if they decide not to mow it for a month or so. With the fence done we can now add more landscaping that we have been wanting to put in for a while. We will be leaving tomorrowfor the big trip and hopefully cooler weather. I just checked the weather in Frankford, Germany and the high is 71 with a low of 64. YESSS! I work outside for a living and have been melting for the last 2 months, so the trip will be good in so many ways. Luckily Lori's brother will be living at the house while we are out of town to keep an eye on the pets and property. Well I'm off to pack. I will post from the trip.

Below is a link to a TV news station that did a report on six girls adopted from china four years ago at the same time that are still friends today. There is a commercial first but then the video report starts.

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