Thursday, April 12, 2007

Brea and her family / I'm still pluging along in therapy

This family needs help getting there story out to people that can and are willing to give them some finachal releaf in this most unfortunate turn of events. It is so messed up that a family that trys to do right thing by haveing medical insurance for there family. When they reach out for help from the local goverments they get there hand slapped. But if this family was liveing off the state they would have medacaid there medacations would be probly be payed for too boot If you have given donations to this family I thank you, some time in your life you will be repayed for your kindness. The link below is her site that will take you to her home page then go to childrens hospital. I still am going to phiscal therapy every day and go back to the neroseragon tomarrow for a check up I am still week in my left leg but that is to inprove in the next cupple of weeks. I hope the doctor oks me to drive during my checkup I would like to be able to get out and about.

Just look at the sprit of this child, going strong inspite of such an ordeal. Brea is a amaizing lession in the sperit of life for us all.

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bbmomof2boys said...

I've been following Brea's story also. She seems to be doing well.

I'm also glad you are doing better. My dh had this surgery in 88 or 89 (too early in the am!). He also had is in the neck area but they took the bone from his hip. He'll attest to the fact that your hip will hurt much worse than anything else. He is okay now but is supposed to use common sense - yeah, right. He still gets on the floor with both boys (17 and 14) and wrestles with them!!!!

Keep plugging on your therapy!!