Sunday, April 15, 2007

One of these things is not like the others. (sesame street reference)

Every spring we always have a lot of different types of birds take up residence in our backyard. So this year we added a bird house that Lori and I painted in hopes that a family would move in. I'm not quite sure if the hole is big enough for the birds to easily use, but I will leave it up for this year and then perhaps modify the hole this winter if needed. We also put boston ferns on the hooks on the front pourch and every year we have at least two nests to watch as the little eggs turn into little birds and then learn to fly and leave the nest. This year we had this little nest in our ferns within 2 days of hanging them up. The nests always create a challenge for Lori with watering and trimming but she tries to manage them without causing to much trouble for the birds. Lori checked the nest last week and found just one small pale blue egg and today there was an ODD egg that we don't think belongs with the others. The female bird has been sitting on it anyway. Could this be a form of adoption in nature? We will have to see, hopefully the big, speckeled egg hatches. There are usually 1 or 2 eggs that don't hatch out of each group.
The weather here finally turned back decent today and we were able to go for a walk to the park this afternoon. We had a freeze a few nights ago that decimated our crepe myrtles, grape vines and fig tree. Lori went out tonight and trimmed back all of the above mentioned in hopes that they will come back out. Most of the shurbs will have to be retrimmed this week too since the top layer of foliage was burnt by the frost but the underneath part is still ok. We go by the Darwin theory of gardening around here. The strongest survive.

Our friends at church that are also adopting from China were LID on Friday the 13th of this month. We are very excited for them but know that the long wait ahead will be difficult. I know that we are going to get our daughter, eventually but it is still hard to wait. I find myself feeling almost jealous of the people I see interacting with their daughters when I want so badly to have that right now. I would never think of leaving the China program. I know that our daughter will be waiting for us when the time comes but it is just frustrating. Waiting sucks! Enough said.

Physical therapy is now three days a week and is going well. I'm a little sore after each session but even that should improve with time. My two week post op appointment was last Friday and the surgeon was very pleased with my progress. Here's to a speedy and complete recovery.
My Father in law has been taking me to all of my appointments and we can not be more fortunate to have him so close and available. He has been a real God send. Now that I have been cleared to drive maybe he can get some rest.

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