Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Got in contact with makers of ADOPTED: THE NEW AMERICAN FAMILY

Please remember I have posted so many of these clips that they are going into previous posts so if you haven't seen all of them yet look there too.
I am very interested in this movie. It is the first one that I have come across that deals with issues that come up in international adoption. I have read books, gone to attachment semionares, belong to a good discussion group in which the things in this movie are discussed daily as more familys come home. From what I have seen they have interveiwed people who know what they are talking about that have delt directly with these issues.
Like food hording is a big one that comes up alot. The way your child might react on the day they are placed in your arms, (he or she) may completely shutdown almost like giving up the first day and then they start to come out of their shell a little in the days to follow as a small amount of exceptance and trust is formed, how to develop strong attachment with both parents, how some times a child can flip out after they have been home for awhile when they here a noise that is comman to us but not to them, and thats just the first few months. While not all children will have the same issues arise we need to know what might come up so that we can be there for our kids.
There will be things to come as they get older in all children when they are trying to find out who they are. Where they fit into this world. In internationally adopted children there are some diffrent issues that will come up. Not all at once but in stages, at diffirent ages, and we as adoptive parents must be on the look out for when these issues come up in our kids so that we can work through them or with them to help them find their place. If you think that you will bring your child home and just say (He or She) is an American now end of story, you need to do some research. You owe it to your child.

I contacted the makers of "Adopted: The new American Family" they E-mailed me a response. I consider E-mail private so I asked them if I could post it here, they said yes.

Here is their response:
Hi, thanks so much for contacting us at “Adopted: The New American Family.” We really appreciate your interest in our film. We are actually still filming the documentary, with the goal of releasing it sometime this Fall. Keep checking out the website for updates. Thanks so much!


www.adoptedthemovie.com this is the link to there site where you can find out more about the movie and eye on up comeing news.

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