Saturday, August 30, 2008

Annie, Annie. Are you OK?

We all went up to visit with Annie this Saturday. Her parents had emailed us and were concerned about her well-being. Glen texts Annie about every other day but that certainly doesn't give you the same information about how someone is doing as does a face to face conversation. She is doing great. Making friends and learning about college life.

Annie and Brandon in Annie's dorm room. Behind us is her roommates side of the room the .....Uuuuhhhhmmm "neat" side of the room. :)

This was one of the many signs that were posted in the hallway of her dorm.

Annie looking busy at her computer.

Annie and Brandon at Chili's. We all went out and had lunch while we interrogated, I mean visited Annie. She probably did feel like she was being questioned but we are just interested in how she is doing and what is going on with school. After lunch it was off to Wal Mart to pick up some little stuff that she needed and snacks for her room. We were glad to have everyone together for a couple of hours and have some fun and we are happy to report that Annie is doing well.


Michele said...

Annie is very lucky to have all of you looking out for her. Sending warm thoughts for a wonderful semester!

Unknown said...

what wonderful pictures. So glad she is doing well!

Cheryl D. said...

I hope we find someone to interrogate, um, I mean check on Monica, next year when she goes to college in Denver! You are such a blessing to Annie, and her parents! Cheryl Davidson

Anonymous said...

LOL I just got the "Annie, Annie. Are you OK?" reference. Must have been posted from the nurse wife. Did you shake her when you asked her that question too? LOL