Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Life for Annie

After a 25 hour flight from China Annie arrived back in Arkansas safe and sound
Thursday, well really Friday it was after midnight by the time we got home. She didn’t miss any of her flights, got all her luggage, and didn’t even get air sick this time. She has come along way since the photo below was taken in August 2007.

We let her get over the jetlag on Friday then Saturday we took her to Wal-Mart to get her the supplies she needed for her new life at UCA. I was able to get her a small dorm refrigerator for her dorm room so she can keep some yogurt, cold drinks, some milk for cereal, and orange juice for breakfast. They have a cafeteria at UCA but it is not open yet so we also set her up with some food so she can have it now and when it is shut down from time to time.

Sunday we packed the truck to the roof and headed off, hoping to be able to move Annie things into her dorm room before the brunch they had set up for all the new international students at 11:00.

No such luck we were the first ones there, so we took photos of some of the buildings.

Can you spot Annie in-between the two signs in the front of the building, this campus huge this is a dorm?

After brunch it was time to check in, Annie being the kind hearted person she is helped some different groups of the new students from China who were confused about how to fill out there paper work.

And finally at around 2:30 we got Annie’s Dorm room key and moved her on in. there were a couple of students already living in the Dorm Annie is in but the bulk of them don’t move in until the 17th, I was really impressed with the way all the student were trying to help each other out, I think Annie is going to get a great education at UCA this year. When I left I reminded her that I have a phone and she has a phone and Lori and I will always be here for her.

We love you and are proud of you.


Michele said...

Congratulations to Annie!! Please keep us informed of how she is adjusting to college life..

Ronda said...

Welcome back Annie-good luck in college...same to your son-virtual school sounds nice. Your gardens are looking great!