Thursday, August 07, 2008

Silent Tears By Kay Bratt

Silent Tears
A Journey of hope in a Chinese orphanage
By Kay Bratt
You can order Signed Copy of Silent Tears $19.96 Free shipping within USA/Canada. directly from her here at her blog.

I Came across this book the other day Silent Tears by Kay Bratt and knew I needed to get it.
I have gotten to page 199 out of 427 and it has been a wonderful read so far. It will truly give you a sense of what our sons and daughters may have faced though there first months, or years of there lives in the orphanages. The four years that are covers in the book may not be true of what go’s on in all orphanages but as I read through the book, it has conjured up many images from photos, and You Tube videos I have seen over the years of the inner working of the orphanages. I have seen so many babies come home with the back of there heads flat form lying in there cribs on boards for hours and hours. Our Norahs will be 7-36 months old when we get a referal for her this book will give me a deeper understanding of why her little personality is the way it is and to help her and us to try to overcome and thrive in spite of the time she spent at the SWI. We so look forward to the day we can bring our daughter home no matter how good or bad her SWI is it is not her home she just has to survive it to get to us.

I have no drought that some of you are blessed with children today because of the four years of work this woman and her fellow volunteers put in at the orphanage.

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