Saturday, August 23, 2008

Black gold, Texas tea.....Ok it's really horse poo!

We went to our friends house this morning to pick up some "black gold" to help amend the garden soil for next years crops. The soil where we plant our vegetables leaves alot to be desired but we have been adding different things over the years to try and make it better. Our friends Leigh and Ken have several beautiful horses that create a LARGE amount of poo. While we were there we got to pet the horses and watch one of them get new shoes put on.

This little one is the newest arrival of the group, 3 months old. Leigh said he was a suprise. The horse in the background that Leigh is holding onto is the one that got new shoes today. While we were there Ken let the horses out of their stalls and they all ran by us on their way out to the pasture.

This of course is the "business end" where our great manure for the garden came from. Thank you horse booty. Thank you Ken and Leigh.

Glen's truck full of poo.
Glen got all of the poo spread out over the garden area and in the garden boxes.

Lori's mom gave her a packet of seeds from the flowers that grew in Lori's grandmothers yard. This is what grew from those seeds. Absolutely beautiful and we think about grandma everytime we look at them. Lori and I both sure do miss her.

This is sweet potato vine. If you have a bare spot in your yard and would like to fill it during the summer, this is your plant. All of this is from one little sprout. It is very aggressive and will cover a huge area if you just let it go. First frost though will kill it deader than a doornail but it's pretty for now.

We saw this car in the parking lot of a gas station where we were airing up the truck tires to counteract the weight from all the horse poo. It is filled to the brim with TRASH. There is only enough room for the driver to fit in the car. We were amazed. I think there may be some hoarding issues here. The smell is probably pretty interesting too. Especially since it has been hot and humid for months here.


Anonymous said...

O.....M......G !!!!!

There really is some major hoarding going on with the owner of that car. I work where we have cubicles and I have a friend that's a hoarder. She's been diagnosed with something that means she's a hoarder (forget the name of it). She keeps old magazines and newspapers at her cubicle. Once, she was gone for a month and they had to move her desk. They actually needed to bring a garbage bin to her desk to toss all the real junk, and even at that, she got upset when she came back.
I'll have to email that picture to her. She'll feel so much better. LOL

LindaJ said...

You guys crack me up!!! When I was growing up it was my job to clean the horse stalls. UGH!! Not a fun job.

Your garden looks great!!!