Sunday, August 31, 2008

All the HAPPY, HAPPY animals!

The fleas here this year have been AWFUL! We have spread granuals in the yard, bombed and sprayed inside and under the house, washed animals in flea soap, put flea collars on (the fleas seem to just laugh at these this year), washed bedding, ect. Nothing seems to work. The poor dogs have scratched and scratched to the point I'm suprised they have any hair or sanity left. So, last night was yet another installment of wash the pets and bedding at our house. There is a definite routine to this:

* Clean out the sink
* Get everything together (flea soap, towels, ect.)
* Do your very best not to even mention the B word (bath) or even really look like that's what your getting ready for.
* Sit down on the couch and look like your not up to anything.
* Call Vegas to come over and get petted (Because he's usually the one that runs and hides)
* Give up trying to get Vegas to come out from under the couch.
* Go get Cecil who has enacted his emergency response plan and gotten into the bathtub in the front bathroom like he's waiting out a tornado.
* Put Cecil in the sink.
* One of us starts washing Cecil while the other has to fish Vegas out from under whatever he has barracaded himself under.
* Wash Vegas
* Dry both dogs and let them loose.
* Wait 15 minutes and open a can of tuna to lure the cat out of wherever he goes when it's bathtime.
* Wash cat as he does his whole pitifull moaning thing.
* Dry cat.
* Put away soap
* Put all pet bedding and drying towels in the washer on HOT with lots of soap.
* Scrub out sink and surrounding counters with comet.
* Fill sink with hot water and bleach, cause no one wants dirty dog butt residue in their sink.
* Apply peroxide and ointment to scratches on arms.
* Empty the bleach water the next morning.
(We wash the pets in the big sink in the kitchen due to back problems)

Kitty loves his bath. Don't let that face or the pityful meowing fool you.

Clean sink! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Cute post.
Fleas will not survive without being able to use your animals as hosts. We've always used Advantage and it works for months. It's a liquid that you squirt between the animal's shoulders where they can't lick it off. Go to the local feed store for it, for both cats and dogs. Expensive, but it works! We do our own vaccination shots that we get from the feed store too.

Anonymous said...

BTW, it also kills them before they hatch if they ley eggs on the animals or in the bedding. No need for all the other stressful stuff...for you or the animals.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

We used CCAI too!

I found your blog through the China Adoption Facebook Group.

Ronda said...

Those pictures are so funny. Hopefully, the fleas are gone.

Anonymous said...

Oh the kitty picture is hilarious! Poor kitty!
I hope your flea issues will ease up soon!
Loved the update on Annie too. I'm glad everyone is doing well.
Marcy from MSNAdoptingFromChina