Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Garvan Gardens is located in Hot Springs. There are paths all over the place with lots of beautiful waterfalls and trees. The weather was great.

These little green lizards were everywhere. They would jump from limb to limb and then disappear from sight.

They had a whole miniature scene set up with trains and depots.

There was a collection of bonsai trees that Glen was drooling over.

Cool looking bench.

The prisoners were there cleaning up from hurricane Ike damage. We figured it was a good use of state funds and a chance for the inmates to get outside.

These bushes with the purple berries were everywhere. Anyone know what they are?

Glen getting one of the new koi pedicures. These guys would come swimming like their behinds were on fire when you started throwing out the fish food.

No, we don't know how to set up the camera with the timer. A nice couple offered to take our picture for us and we took theirs together in return.

Glen has a thing for bagodas (sp?)

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