Monday, September 15, 2008

A break from battling paint to Tattoo kids from head to toe.

Lori putting a tattoo on a small girl with chocolate all over her mouth. We had to start putting them on their faces because their arms were covered. Lori asked one little girl that already had a set of "sleeves" going. "Would you like it on your leg." She looked up at Lori with excitement in her eyes and asked "You can do that?"
Just thinking out loud but maybe they won’t put us in charge of the tattoo station next year.
One thing I do know is this is the last moon festival we will attend without Norah. All events that come to pass this year will be the last ones without our daughter. She is some
where in China making it through day after day not knowing of the huge changes that are about to take place in her life. The amount of love and attention coming her way. So I welcome Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas this year not with a heavy heart but with joy that they will finally be the last ones I will have to face without Norah.

We have had an all out war on paint going on two fronts at our house. First Lori has been trying to finish up Norah’s wall art in her bedroom. She took a year hiatus from it when Annie was here for school. Now that she is a big college girl we have the room back, so Lori has been trying to finish it up.

My nemesis, three layers of porch paint. The paint started chipping off the porch, not as bad as what is in the photo, I just forgot to take a before photo, this is after two days of working with a power washer and stripper. Never mind the ugly columns we will replace them when we have the extra money, after the adoption.
I still have more stripping to do today but had it cleaned off enough to cut my lines in the concrete to make it look like tile. Then when I do get all the remaing paint off we are going to stain the concrete to look like tile. You can kind of get an idea of how it is going to look. Having never done it before I’m just winging it!

you can see the stripper only works so good.


Ronda said...

WOW-Lori is so talented. Love the room.

Charlotte said...

The fact that you didn't tattoo my kids faces means you get to do it again next year !

I can't wait for the event you can't volunteer at because it is Norah's 1st FCC event !!!!!!

Charlotte and crew