Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Body and Hot Springs

We were walking down the street in Hot Springs and lo and behold there was a giant spitting frog. Well, how can you not take a picture of that.

At the same resturant as the spitting frog there was the "rock garden", of course. Someone has a sense of humor.

Alot of the buildings had murals on the sides and it looked like some of the apartments above the buildings were occupied. Hopefully when they are done with refurbishing the city they will all be available for lease.

We went to an italian resturant to eat lunch. Awesome food by the way. Lori had chicken and portobello ravioli and I had chicken parmesan. Lori said she felt like this giant head was going to fall on her the whole time.

It's a mural of Garvan Gardens. We've been there!

This bath house had a dome on it that we both said looked like something that you would normally see on a mosque. When we read the plaque that tells about the history of the bath house we saw that it was built with influences from Africa.

This person was painting watercolors of the bath house and was nice enough to let me take her picture. She is obviously very talented.

I chased down this poor butterfly and took his/her (couldn't get close enough to tell) picture in front of the Mi America Science Museum.

Not quite sure what this is but it is the first thing that you see when you walk in the museum.

I was thirsty. That's all I'm saying.

We came to the museum to see the "Our Body" exhibit. It was really fascinating. There were lots of Anatomy and Phisiology students there with their professors and Lori even saw one of her nursing school instructors there. The exhibit was amazing. They wouldn't let us take pictures inside so we have to settle for a picture of the book they had on sale out front. The bodys and organs were displayed in a way that let you see the muscles, nerves, vessels, ect. . They even had a head cut into slices and then the 6 slices were on spinning display sticks so that you could look at all the structures. They also had an entire body cut into long slices so that all the organs were visible.

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