Thursday, January 22, 2009


Our LOA came today we are thrilled we got it before CCAA is off for Chinese New Year. CCAI told us to expect to travel in five to eight weeks. WAHOO!


Anonymous said...

HOORRAYYYYY!!!! I read on another list that some LOAs arrived so I was really hoping to see yours had too--congratulations Lori, Glen, & family!
Marcy in GU

Anonymous said...

Soon your lives will change forever.
Can't wait to follow your travels.

Charlotte said...

Woohooo ! With a capital Woo !

I can't wait to meet her !

Charlotte and crew

bbmomof2boys said...

Yes!! Congrats Glen and family! I hope your TA comes quickly now.

Soon you'll have Norah!!


Shea said...

Congratulations!!! I will be praying!

Kammy K. said...

YIPPEE ... our New Year Baby !!!!
Hot dog. I'm bringing you space bags to CNY.

Anonymous said...

WOO, HOO! This is awesome news! Are you guys ready? Do you need any help or anything? Congrats!
Mike and Melissa Brink

LindaJ said...

This is so exciting....cannot wait.

NancyW said...

Horray! Horray!

Can't wait to see her in her new mommy & daddy's arms!

Your Love Without Boundaries friend,