Saturday, January 03, 2009

Where there's smoke there had better be a new monitor!

Since getting the referral for Norah I have been trying to go over the different things in my head that we need to adjust in our families life and how we go about our daily routine. One thing I have thought of is we will have to do story time with Norah right before bath time, then bath, then bed, because going by the information we have on her she will be totally deaf at night when we take her hearing aids out for the night she will not be able to hear us. Which leads me to the other thing I have thought of, the Fire Alarm. I have found the smoke detector at the bottom of this post made by First Alert that has sound and emit’s a bright strobe to awake the deaf. I will put one of these in before we go to China. I need to ask around first because someone told me my county may provide me with it. The only problem is that if Norah sleeps as deep as Boo does we will have to drag out not only a 4 year old but a 17 year old in the event of a fire.
To drive home how important this is, when I was still at work yesterday, Lori called me and told me she was on the computer at home when the monitor started billowing smoke out of the back, she unplugged the monitor and tower from the wall and opened the doors and windows because the smell of burnt plastic is not a good one.
When I got home I inspected the monitor. You could not see any damage on the outside but you could sure smell it. I looked in our file and found out it was bought back in 2-2-2007.
I got the number off the back and had Lori call the company, because she is much better at dealing with customer service then I am. After a quick battle with the phone tree for two minutes she got an actually person, and told him what had happened. His response was oh I'm sorry since you bought the monitor just under two years ago it is no longer under warranty. Ok so what are we suppose to do with it? Customer service: well I would suggest you just replace it with another one. Lori: why would I replace it with another one of your products, besides I don’t think this is a warranty issue, this is a safety/defective product issue. Customer service- I'm sorry mama it is no longer under warranty. Lori- can I’m please talk to someone in the complaint department. He says yes and puts her on hold.
This was 10 minuets into the phone call I know because she documents EVERYTHING when she is talking to costumer service. One hour and thirty minuets later someone picked up the line, so for an hour and thirty minuets Lori listened to cheesy music and your call is very important to us please hold…..The person who finally picked up seems more interested than the first in our monitor. He asked Lori if she saw flames coming out the back and she told him no. He asked her again are you sure. By this time Lori is thinking have you had this conversation before. He then put her on hold again but told her he needed a couple of minutes to find out what to do. After he got back on he told us they were going to pay for the shipping to the company to get it fixed, and gave us a service code also. Don’t know what will happen but it may have been worth the 1hr.48min. and 13 sec. Lori had to stay on the phone. We feel that if the monitor had just went all black we would have taken the whole situation as like well it figures perfect timing, however, because it caught on fire someone at the company should and needs to look into it.

This is the smoke dector we are looking into.

"First Alert Smoke & Fire DetectorThe First Alert detector uses an ionization technology that is generally considered more sensitive in detecting flames. The strobe light flashes approximately 60 times per minute so that people who cannot hear alarms can be awakened. Licensed electrician needed to hook up. Designed for ceiling/wall mount. Ten-year limited warranty."

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tlcmurphy said...

Good luck with your new monitor, the detector should never cause the smoke!
I had to laugh when you described dragging out a 17yo and a 4yo. In the event of a fire, I need to drag out a 4yo, a 7yo, a dog, two cats and a snoring 47yo...
-Tamara Murphy