Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy and Safe 4TH everyone!

We took Norah to her first Independence Day celebration last night. She got hyped up on cotton candy, hot dogs, Popsicles, and diet coke all which were provided free by the church and the city. I remember when we attended the celebration last year thinking that we would have Norah here with us to see this next year, it was wonderful to have that dream come true.

After her speech therapy appointment at Children's we hit the foutain again. The days are numbered for the watermelon swim suit. She got the purple sunglasses at her doctors appointment that she had on Tuesday for preparations for a Cochlear Implant and has had them with her the last two days.

I took Norah to the Fun Factory to play on the jumpers. It was a hit, she played for two hours on the slides and some of them were really steep. She has come a long way in a short time.Photobucket


Carrie said...

Love the new look!

anne and mike said...

Hi Glen, Lori and Norah,
My name is Anne, and I have followed your blog since before you went to China to get Norah. It has been so wonderful to see Norah blossom, and also to see you two parent her in such a skillful and loving way! We are waiting for LOA for our daughter Lilah Rose, our second child from China. Keep blogging! And maybe, do you think Norah needs a little sister or brother?! After all, you are both so good at it!
all the best,

Trish said...

Norah is incredible. She seems to just shine with happiness. Now you know why you waited so long, you guys were meant to be her parents, no doubt.

Love the new look to the blog.